Wenn Rosenblätter fallen
Saturday, 09 April 2016 10:30
Happy to be back in Vienna to play Till in Wenn Rosenblätter fallen. 27/5.
Also back in good old OB, Oberhausen on the 13/6 och in Stuttgart on the 26/6.
Thing it will be a dream team performance with my two dutch friends Annemieke and Pia.
Saturday, 28 November 2015 16:34
Just back in London after two days in München. First off was a few hours with a great organisation, Wünch dir was, Make a wish foundation, and someone who wished for a meeting with me. It was a big honour to meet these fantastic and strong peolpe!
After that I rushed in to the city to find something to wear for PRO7 and SAT1 Christmas Party. A beautiful event and loads of fun.
Next morning I saw a few friends working at Disney Channel. Hopefully we can get me doing something for the mouse again, I do love disney!

Wednesday, 04 November 2015 11:08
Traveling Europe right now. October was spend in Stockholm, Berlin, Hamburg, Split, Rome, Rye.. and now I am back in London. Let's see what November has to offer!?
Tuesday, 27 October 2015 17:34
What an amazing show this was, really miss it!

Tuesday, 01 September 2015 19:02
What a crazy couple of days.
Flew from London to Berlin to coach a two dance acts for the Got To Dance semifinals. Drove to Hannover in the evening and did the same with two new groups the next day. Took the train to Köln to try out a few outfits for Live shows, saw the set for our show and it's amazing. Went to a restaurant opening so I missed Got To Dance =/
Next day I had meetings at a few places before ending up in Bad Lauerberg. What an amazing place and our concert was great. After that we drove to Hamburg as I had to be in the studio early in the morning the following day.
The day after that we flew to München super early for a few meetings, saw some music labels and discussed a feature album, no news yet. Flew back to Hamburg in the evening but had to land in Hannover!? Up in the air an hour later and finally back in Hamburg. 10 hours later I was on a flight to London.


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