Thank you Anja
Tuesday, 30 December 2014 14:13
A massive thanks to Anja Roch who dedicated over 6 six years of working with the Anton Zetterholm fanforum.
I know it brought many of you together and my family and I loved reading all the discussions.

She has now decided its time to end it and I hope you all can respect that. Please show your appreciation by leaving a comment here for her to read.

Thank you Anja
Another premier!
Wednesday, 17 December 2014 12:47
What a crazy weekend I had. I am use to a 6 weeks rehearsal period but this time we only had time for 3 days. I arrived in St Gallen on Friday night and went through a few of the fights in the hotel with the fight captain. We didn't have the swords but used umbrellas.

Saturday and the day of my first show started with meeting a few colleagues and talk through our scenes. I tried a few costumes and they all seemed to fit.
Then it was show time. First time on stage first time with time with music... but somehow it did go ok, somehow. Don't know how but it did!

Thanks for everyone showing up and special thanks to Aki who travelled all the way from Tokyo to St Gallen.
H in HH
Tuesday, 25 November 2014 20:36
Took H to Hamburg for an amzing weekend. Saw Phantom in my old Tarzan theater and the two Christines had a lot to talk about. Had a crazy day at the HSV stadium for the first half of a great game before we had to head over to the other fotball game in Hamburg that night Das Wonder von Bern. What an amazing show!! Go and see it all of you!

Wednesday, 19 November 2014 22:32
Getting ready for a long weekend in Hamburg. Very excited to show H HH and to be walking the red carpet of the new Stage theater. See you guys there!

St Gallen
Thursday, 06 November 2014 13:29
Back in London after last weeks madness in Switzerland.
I flew down on Monday. Love the beautiful country side!!
Saw the show on Monday night and met all my new colleagues.

On tuesday morning I had a fitting and then the crazy fight choreographs started.
For you guys who have seen the show you know it is a lot of sword fighting. Rick who I worked with for Tarzan really created a few really cool fights for Artus. The only problem is that I only had 3 days to learn it all.
When you fight on stage it needs to be safe. To put a new guy in to crazy sword fighting can be really dangerous and this was my biggest concern with the show.

However, I did learn the 4 fights pretty quick and the rest of the show was not too hard to block so I guess I am ready now for my premier on the 13/12. Hopefully I will remember it all.
I haven't been on stage yet. Haven't tried all my costumes, haven't sung with the orchestra and I haven't worked with all of the guys yet. This will all happen for the first time on the 13/12 in front of an audience. hehe a bit different from a 6 weeks rehearsal period.

I also had to record a kiss scene for a big video projection. This happened on Thursday with Lisa. I had never met Lisa before and we had 10 minutes to get to know each other before recording a 30 second long kiss in front of a camera crew. This is what I do for a living!


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